China Best Sales Wheel Loader Hydraulic Cylinder for Sem CZPT CZPT CZPT vacuum pump oil near me

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fit machine:
KO MA TSU: PC35MR ,PC55, PC60,PC75, PC78, PC120,PC128, PC130, PC200, PC220, PC300, PC360, PC400, PC450, PC650, PC1200,
Hitachi: EX100, EX120, EX150, EX160, EX200, EX220, EX300, EX400, ZX200,ZX210,ZX330,ZX400
Daewoo: DH55,DH200, DH220, DH280, DH300, DH320, DH330,DH420
Hyundai: R200, R210, R220, R225,R250, R290,R305,R335, R360, R400, R500
Volvo: EC210.EC240, EC290, EC360,  EC460
Sumitomo: SH60, SH100, SH120, SH200, SH220, SH300, LS580, LS1600, LS2600, LS2650, LS2800, LS3400, LS4300
Mitsubishi: MS180, MS230, MS240, MS380
KATO: HD250, HD400, HD450, HD510, HD550, HD650, HD700, HD770, HD800, HD820, HD850, HD880, HD900, HD1200, HD1250, HD1430, HD1880
KOBELCO: SK07, SK60, SK100, SK120, SK200, SK220, SK230, SK300, SK09, SK912, SK907
SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I: SE60 SE70 SE80 SE130 SE210, SE220, SE240 ,SE270 SE330 SE360
ZOOMLION: ZE60 ZE85 ZE210 ZE220 ZE230 ZE260 ZE330 ZE360 ZE480 ZE700
XCM : XE15 XE40 XE50 XE135 XE150 XE210 XE230 XE235 XE260 XE335 XE370 XE390 XE470 XE490 XE500 XE700
SANY: SY55, SY60,SY65,SY75,SY85, SY95,SY115, SY135, SY155,SY205, SY215,SY225,SY235,SY265,SY305,SY335,SY365,SY385, SY465 SY700, SY850
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.DE: SC760, SC485, SC450, SC400, SC360, SC300, SC330, SC270, SC240,  SC220 , SC210
LIUGONG: CLG908, CLG909, CLG920, CLG922, CLG925, CLG927, CLG933, CLG936, CLG939, CLG945,
LONGKING: LG6150 LG6215 CDM6150 CDM6210 CDM6225 CDM6235
Truck Assy Undercarrier    Truck Assy Undercarrier
Front Idler    Front Idler
Drive Wheel     Drive Wheel 
8230-35760    Водило
11706896    Водило
14604651    Крышка
11706895    Шестерня
8230-22170    Кольцо
8230-22180    Кольцо
11701198    Кольцо
1175714    Кольцо
8230-35550    Шестерня
2J3506    Гайка
5J4773    “Болт углового ножа, CHINAMFG 16H”
7D1577    Кромка режущая
8E5529    Накладка отвала съемная/сталь
MG19157134    Режущая кромка отвала
MG19157133    Режущая кромка отвала
MG19100571    Коронка рыхлителя
MG19100032    Палец коронки
MG19100030    Стопор коронки
W11005710    Риппер/кольцо стопорное
61EN-13300    BUSHING CHINAMFG 110-7А
61E3-12061    PIN CHINAMFG 110-7А
61Q6-97050    BUSHING CHINAMFG R210 LC-9
61Q6-04000    BUSHING CHINAMFG R210 LC-10
61Q6-05000    BUSHING CHINAMFG R210 LC-11
62N4-08000    BUSHING CHINAMFG R210 LC-12
61Q6-5711    BUSHING CHINAMFG 210LC-9
66N4-5711    BUSHING CHINAMFG R210 LC-9
66N4-5711    BUSHING CHINAMFG R170W-9
66N4- 0571 1    BUSHING CHINAMFG R170W-10
708-2L-31114    708-2L-31114
708-2L-33310    708-2L-33310
708-2L-33350    708-2L-33350
708-2L-23351    708-2L-23351
708-2L-06190    708-2L-06190
708-2L-5713    708-2L-5713
705-17-4571    705-17-4571
705-17-34011    705-17-34011
705-17-32012    705-17-32012
705-17-02612    705-17-02612
705-17-5712    705-17-5712
705-17-04611    705-17-04611
705-17-01610    705-17-01610
705-17-37571    705-17-37571
705-17-5712    705-17-5712
705-17-01351    705-17-01351
705-52-35710    705-52-35710
195-20-31100    крестовина карданного вала
5712-5300    прокладка соединения магнитного фильтра
5712-57100    соединение магнитного фильтра
07000-73038    О-кольцо
07000-72055    О-кольцо
07000-03048    О-кольцо
07000-57185    О-кольцо
07000-5715    О-кольцо
07063-01142    фильтр трансмиссии
700-22-11261    ремкомплект клапана стояночного тормоза сальник
700-22-11430    ремкомплект клапана стояночного тормоза кольцо
700-22-11252    ремкомплект клапана стояночного тормоза уплотнение
704-71-44060    насос трансмиссии
195-27-41150    защита бортового редуктора левая
195-27-41160    защита бортового редуктора правая
07000-45220    О-кольцо
07000-45230    О-кольцо
07000-55220    О-кольцо
195-00-571    сервомеханизм
07000-42055    О-кольцо
5712-57100    coupling
5712-03000    coupling
5712-53000    прокладка 
5712-63000    хомут
07000-5715    О-кольцо
195-49-35190    фильтр 
07000-45175    О-кольцо
07000-43048    О-кольцо
07000-42085    О-кольцо
07000-43030    О-кольцо
195-49-34100    насос 
07000-42125    О-кольцо
07000-42080    О-кольцо
07000-42055    О-кольцо
07000-42090    О-кольцо
195-22-12430    Shaft
04252-21269    наконечник
04256-41230    шарнир
04205-11235    палец
5712-3 0571     РВД
5712-30506    РВД
711-60-22731    сальник
17М-15-25520    прокладка
07000-73571    О-кольцо
07000-73035    О-кольцо
07000-73571    О-кольцо
154-15-45540    прокладка
17М-15-25840    прокладка
07002-43634    О-кольцо
14Х-40-11421    прокладка
14Х-40-11721    прокладка
14Х-40-11491    прокладка
07000-43571    О-кольцо
195-21-32370    сальник
195-21-32362    уплотнение
17М-01-22160    подушка
285-01-12411    подушка демпфера
198-12-11240    сальник
195-03-57231    патрубок
195-03-15220    патрубок
6631-64-8860    патрубок
0571 2-32572    ремень
07000-63032    О-кольцо
07000-62070    О-кольцо
705-58-44050    насос
07000-52130    О-кольцо
195-61-42330    штуцер
195-50-41140    втулка
195-50-41132    втулка
195-50-41160    ШСЛ
195-50-43110    пыльник
195-50-51150    палец
195-50-41120    палец
195-50-22140    сальник
07000-45250    О-кольцо
195-61-41140    втулка
195-61-41151    сальник
709-61-11701    распределитель
709-63-11600    распределитель
195-50-22190    втулка
195-50-22210    втулка
198-30-56132    подушка
195-30-66531    подушка
195-30-62141    бугель
57111-62710    болт
01643-32780    шайба
195-30-51570    бугель
195-71-74250    вкладыш
195-71-51191    шар
702-16-1571    пилотный клапан
6162-75-2160    муфта ТНВД
600-825-6330    генератор
600-813-9530    стартер
6162-К1-9901    ремкомплект
6505-52-5540    турбокомпрессор
6162-63-1571    помпа
6162-63-6880    О-кольцо
07000-G5065    О-кольцо
ND499000-6160    сенсор
ND57120-0440    клапан
6251-71-4112    трубка
6551-71-4122    трубка
ND949571-2530    кольцо
ND57144-571    кольцо
07005-01412    кольцо
07005-0571    кольцо
07206-31014    штуцер
6219-71-1150    кольцо

After-sales Service: Oversea
Warranty: 12 Month
Type: Bucket Cylinder
Application: Excavator
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New


hydraulic cylinder

How do hydraulic cylinders enhance the performance of construction and mining equipment?

Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in enhancing the performance of construction and mining equipment by providing powerful and precise linear motion. These industries require heavy-duty machinery that can withstand demanding conditions and efficiently perform tasks such as lifting, pushing, and digging. Here’s a detailed explanation of how hydraulic cylinders enhance the performance of construction and mining equipment:

1. Power and Force:

– Hydraulic cylinders are capable of generating substantial force, allowing construction and mining equipment to handle heavy loads and perform challenging tasks. The hydraulic system applies pressure to the fluid, which is transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder, resulting in the movement of the piston rod. The larger the diameter of the cylinder, the greater the force that can be generated. Hydraulic cylinders enable the equipment to exert significant force, making it possible to lift and move heavy materials, excavate soil and rock, and perform other demanding operations.

2. Precise Control:

– Hydraulic cylinders offer precise control over the movement of construction and mining equipment. By regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid into and out of the cylinder through control valves, operators can precisely control the speed, position, and force exerted by the hydraulic cylinder. This level of control allows for accurate and controlled movements, enabling operators to perform tasks with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s lifting a specific load, positioning an attachment, or maneuvering in tight spaces, hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary control for optimal equipment performance.

3. Adaptability:

– Hydraulic cylinders are highly adaptable to various construction and mining equipment. They can be designed and manufactured in different sizes, stroke lengths, and configurations to suit specific requirements. Hydraulic cylinders can be integrated into different types of equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and drilling rigs. Their adaptability allows for the customization of equipment to meet the needs of different applications and operating conditions, enhancing overall performance.

4. Durability and Reliability:

– Construction and mining environments are known for their harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and exposure to dust, dirt, and debris. Hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand these challenging conditions and provide long-lasting performance. They are constructed using robust materials, such as high-strength steel, and equipped with seals and components that can endure heavy loads, impacts, and contaminants. The durability and reliability of hydraulic cylinders ensure that construction and mining equipment can operate continuously and withstand the demanding nature of these industries.

5. Safety:

– Hydraulic cylinders contribute to the safety of construction and mining equipment operations. Their precise control allows operators to perform tasks with accuracy, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage to the equipment or surrounding structures. Hydraulic cylinders also enable the implementation of safety features, such as overload protection systems and emergency stop mechanisms, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment. The reliable and controlled movements provided by hydraulic cylinders enhance overall safety in construction and mining operations.

6. Increased Productivity:

– By providing the necessary power, precise control, and adaptability, hydraulic cylinders contribute to increased productivity in construction and mining applications. Construction and mining equipment equipped with hydraulic cylinders can perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, reducing the time and effort required to complete projects. The ability to handle heavy loads, control movements precisely, and adapt to various tasks improves the overall productivity of the equipment, leading to cost savings and improved project timelines.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders enhance the performance of construction and mining equipment by providing power, precise control, adaptability, durability, and safety. They enable these machines to handle heavy loads, perform tasks with accuracy, withstand harsh conditions, and increase productivity. Hydraulic cylinders are integral components that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of construction and mining operations.

hydraulic cylinder

Ensuring Controlled and Safe Force Application in Heavy Machinery with Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders play a critical role in heavy machinery by ensuring controlled and safe force application. The ability to exert and control high forces is essential for heavy machinery operations, such as lifting, pressing, pushing, or pulling heavy loads. Let’s explore how hydraulic cylinders ensure controlled and safe force application in heavy machinery:

  1. Force Control: Hydraulic cylinders provide precise force control capabilities. The hydraulic system’s pressure can be adjusted to regulate the force exerted by the cylinder. This control allows operators to apply the necessary force for a specific task while ensuring it remains within safe limits. By accurately controlling the force, hydraulic cylinders help prevent excessive force that could damage the machinery or compromise the safety of the operation.
  2. Load Balancing: In heavy machinery, multiple hydraulic cylinders are often used in conjunction to distribute and balance the applied force. By using multiple cylinders, the load can be evenly distributed across the machinery, minimizing stress concentrations and ensuring controlled force application. This load balancing approach enhances the stability and safety of the machinery, preventing uneven loading that could lead to structural issues or instability.
  3. Safety Valves: Hydraulic systems in heavy machinery are equipped with safety valves to protect against excessive force or overloading. Safety valves are designed to release hydraulic fluid from the cylinder when the force exceeds a predetermined threshold. This prevents the force from reaching dangerous levels, safeguarding the machinery and preventing potential accidents or damage. Safety valves provide an additional layer of safety and ensure controlled force application even in unexpected circumstances.
  4. Pressure Relief Systems: Hydraulic cylinders incorporate pressure relief systems to further enhance safety. These systems are designed to relieve excess pressure in the hydraulic system, which could occur due to factors such as thermal expansion or system malfunctions. By relieving excess pressure, the pressure relief systems prevent sudden and uncontrolled force surges, maintaining safe and controlled force application in heavy machinery.
  5. Structural Integrity: Hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand the high forces and loads associated with heavy machinery applications. The cylinders are constructed using robust materials, such as high-strength steel, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their structural integrity. This ensures that the cylinders can safely handle the forces applied during heavy machinery operations without experiencing failures or deformations that could compromise the safety and controlled force application.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders ensure controlled and safe force application in heavy machinery through force control, load balancing, safety valves, pressure relief systems, and robust structural design. These features and design considerations enable operators to exert the necessary force while maintaining safety and preventing excessive loads or force surges. By incorporating hydraulic cylinders into heavy machinery, manufacturers can achieve controlled force application, enhance operational safety, and protect the machinery from damage or failure.

hydraulic cylinder

How do hydraulic cylinders handle variations in load, pressure, and speed?

Hydraulic cylinders are designed to handle variations in load, pressure, and speed effectively. They incorporate features and components that allow them to adapt to changing operating conditions and maintain optimal performance. Here’s a detailed explanation of how hydraulic cylinders handle variations in load, pressure, and speed:

Variations in Load:

– Hydraulic cylinders are capable of handling variations in load by adjusting the force they exert. The force output of a hydraulic cylinder is determined by the hydraulic pressure and the surface area of the piston. When the load increases, the pressure in the hydraulic system can be adjusted to generate a higher force. This adjustment can be achieved by regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid into the cylinder using control valves. By controlling the pressure and flow, hydraulic cylinders can adapt to different load requirements, ensuring that the force applied is sufficient to handle the load while preventing excessive force that could cause damage.

Variations in Pressure:

– Hydraulic cylinders are designed to handle variations in pressure within the hydraulic system. They are equipped with seals and other components that can withstand high-pressure conditions. When the pressure within the hydraulic system fluctuates, the hydraulic cylinder adjusts accordingly to maintain its performance. The seals prevent fluid leakage and ensure that the hydraulic pressure is effectively transmitted to the piston, allowing the cylinder to generate the required force. Additionally, hydraulic systems often incorporate pressure relief valves and other safety mechanisms to protect the cylinder and the entire system from overpressure conditions.

Variations in Speed:

– Hydraulic cylinders can handle variations in speed through the control of hydraulic fluid flow. The speed of a hydraulic cylinder’s extension or retraction is determined by the rate at which hydraulic fluid enters or exits the cylinder. By adjusting the flow rate using flow control valves, the speed of the cylinder’s movement can be regulated. This allows for precise control over the speed, enabling operators to adapt to varying speed requirements based on the specific task or load. Furthermore, hydraulic systems can incorporate flow control valves with adjustable orifice sizes to fine-tune the speed of the cylinder’s movement.

Load-Sensing Technology:

– Advanced hydraulic systems may incorporate load-sensing technology to further enhance the ability of hydraulic cylinders to handle variations in load, pressure, and speed. Load-sensing systems monitor the load demand and adjust the hydraulic pressure and flow accordingly to meet that demand. This technology ensures that the hydraulic cylinder provides the necessary force while optimizing energy efficiency. Load-sensing systems are particularly beneficial in applications where the load requirements can vary significantly, allowing hydraulic cylinders to adapt in real-time and maintain precise control over force and speed.


– Hydraulic systems can also utilize accumulators to assist in handling variations in load, pressure, and speed. Accumulators store hydraulic fluid under pressure, which can be released when needed to supplement the flow and pressure in the system. When there are sudden increases in load or pressure demands, accumulators can provide additional fluid to the hydraulic cylinder, ensuring smooth operation and preventing pressure drops. Similarly, accumulators can assist in maintaining consistent speed by compensating for fluctuations in flow rate. They act as a supplemental energy source, helping hydraulic cylinders respond effectively to variations in operating conditions.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders handle variations in load, pressure, and speed through various mechanisms and components. They can adjust the force output to accommodate different load requirements by regulating hydraulic pressure. The seals and components within hydraulic cylinders allow them to withstand variations in pressure within the hydraulic system. By controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic cylinders can regulate the speed of their movement. Advanced technologies such as load-sensing systems and the use of accumulators further enhance the adaptability of hydraulic cylinders to changing operating conditions. These features and mechanisms enable hydraulic cylinders to maintain optimal performance and provide reliable force and motion control in a wide range of applications.

China Best Sales Wheel Loader Hydraulic Cylinder for Sem CZPT CZPT CZPT   vacuum pump oil near me		China Best Sales Wheel Loader Hydraulic Cylinder for Sem CZPT CZPT CZPT   vacuum pump oil near me
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